Elite Group United - 40 PLUS NETWORK
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Wellness Revolution
Discover how you can tap into this lucrative market by watching this engaging video - it could be life changing! You'll learn important facts about the wellness industry, how you can increase your ear...
John's Story
Several years ago, I was laid off from a lucrative career with the NBC Network. At the time my wife was a stay- at- home Mom. We relied on that one income and when it was gone our wonderful lifestyle vanished over night. Shortly after a few months our 401k saving was gone too and we started to wonder how we were going to recover from this major loss of income. What we did know was that we had to take action! We stumbled upon a incredible network of people who had experienced similar issues and had adopted a system of creating financial security, better health and a residual income that out performed most pension plans.  We found it took less time to accomplish a substantial monthly income and we even had fun, achieved better health and had more time for our families.
Cancun Mexico 2012 The truth is no one 40 plus really wants to go back to school, change careers, get a part time job or be Dependant on others as they get older. Most people want to have vitality and great health, more money and the time to enjoy it. What if I told you that when we joined the network we had No experience, No time, very little money and mediocre health at best? We thank God everyday that we joined the network and adopted this incredible system . Due to our willingness to CHANGE we now travel with our network, send our children to private school, live very active lives and have money so that we enjoy our lives and ultimately retire with dignity. Join us today and we will share our secrets of success with you.